Australian Veterinary Association

Our members are not concerned about sales in pet shops. Victorian pet shops must abide by the Code of Practice for the Operation of Pet Shops as well as needing to comply with consumer law. The NSW Parliamentary Inquiry found that pet shop sales should not be banned because this would lead to less scrutiny of animal sales without improving welfare. There is little evidence that animals bought from pet shops contribute to unwanted pet populations or that they are the primary sales channel for puppy farmers.

A Victorian study by the Animal Welfare Science Centre, Department of Psychology, Monash University found that only 8% of cats and 11% of dogs are obtained from pet shops and a Victorian Pet Acquisition Survey showed that pet shops supplied 9% of cats and 14% of dogs to pet owners. In our opinion, restrictions on pet shops selling animals will have little impact on pet numbers entering and being euthanased in shelters. With pet shops having to keep detailed records, at least transparency is present as opposed to online purchases.